Intelligent swarm systems

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The goal being to develop a robust, intelligent and safety oriented competitive autonomous sailboat. In past projects, Autonomus was given the ability to sail to a desired preset coordinate(s), while receiving precise and efficient sensor data. By introducing a message based system for software communication within  på date wizard I was the research head for the project Artificial Intelligence for Crane Design. The project focussed on virtual prototyping and intelligent computer-automated product design, exemplified by a case study where we used methods from artificial intelligence (AI) such as genetic algorithms (GAs), particle swarm optimisation  hva er en kjæreste quiz

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Neural networks, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, facial and voice recognition services is the future of computing. Artificial Intelligence is the new "operating system". Google announced their new TPU at Google I/O 2017. Tensflow AI Chip, a cloud only Processor Unit for neural networks . Google is also working on a 

A. Aamodt, NTNU-IDI Software: Pro-aktive beslutningsstøtte- systemer Automatisk data-analyse Lærende systemer, : –Anbefalingssystemer –AI i spill –Ansiktsgjenkjenning Naturlig språk Robotnavigering, syn, planlegging Adapterende GUI Embedded systems –Intelligente komponenter i totalsystemer (hardware 

3. sep 2007 [Genes] are trapped in huge colonies, locked inside highly intelligent beings, moulded by the outside world, communicating with it by complex processes, through which, blindly, as if by magic, function emerges. They are in you and me; we are the systems that allow their code to be read; and their 

Evolutionary Hardware Adaptive robotics Multi-agent systems Swarm Intelligence. 10 Fagplan - DIS Basisfag, Høst Logikk og resonnerende systemer Videregående fag, Høst Statistisk bildeanalyse og læring Kunnskapsrepresentasjon Maskinlæring og case-basert resonnering AI programmering Ca. ti teoriemner (3.75 Bt) 

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8.7 Artificial Intelligence Hva er “Kunstig intelligens” – 1 Kunstig intelligens - en kort introduksjon “AI = Things that make you go WOW!” eller…?? Agnar Aamodt Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap Gruppe for Intelligente Systemer NTNU A. Aamodt, NTNU-IDI Well, somewhat more sober although more dull: • AI